February 02, 2009


My morning on the bus was boring, it was the first time this school year when I was on the bus that I didn’t have my iPod. This was because I left my iPod in my room. Actually, this was stupid on my part because it was lying near my cell phone and my wallet which I grabbed right before I got out the door. So now, I took my iPod and put it in my backpack so I can listen to some wonderful tunes on my lengthly bus ride to school tomorrow.

Today in Computer Graphics, I have been working on my Memory Project, which is the eighth major project we have done this school year in my Graphics class. My memory is about my trip to Philmont Boy Scout Ranch which is near Cimarron, New Mexico. I went there from July 7-20, 2007. Little elements from that insinuate to how my artwork will come alive. Since Philmont is out in the West, I thought it’d be cool to get a photo of me and make Western style “WANTED” ad that had a vintage 1830s/1840s style of font, and color to it. I used a paper-bag brown and using the half tone filter of my picture it looked like what a real wanted ad in the Western days would look like. It’s still in the production stage so it isn’t entirely done yet, but I hope either Wednesday or Friday to completely finish the project.

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