August 02, 2010

All's well, sometimes won't end well

We all have had the experience. Each of us throughout our time at Robinson made a new friend, became really close with them, separated and parted way. Some were friendly...others were a slow devouring of joy, that'd we love to forget as soon as we possibly could.

Coincidence that it happens more often than not during the summer. Well, actually, it could be. Fact of the matter is, is it's not too much. People travel, people work, people busy. Simple.

Usually, each friendship begins at the start of a school year. Hmm, ironic, I suppose. Well no. That's typical. New classes, new faces, introductions. Though by sophomore or junior year, it got to the point you had classes with people you already had classes with. It seems like those years you really grasp on to the friends in your posse, clique or whatever term you prefer.

What happens, is they'll be that one kid. There's always that one kid, but there's the one kid who for awhile is seen as a fairly popular kid, because he or she has a diverse, and complex network of friends. This stretches across numerous posses and different types of people, because of their open-mindness and dynamic attitude and alter-egos. In simpler words, they're friendly to everyone and therefore they get along with everyone.

So it seems, they have a lot of friends. Right? I would say so. I would think so. During the school year and during school days.

Coincidentally, it seems like over time these kids get further stretched out. By that metaphor, I mean these kids try to hold their fingers on their once-close networks of friends. Only to find out he or she hangs out with them enough in school to be considered good friends, but not outside of school at all to really...have any type of a outside life apart from their room.

This summer, and this upcoming/past school year prove it the best. These people earn the flattering title of being ten posses' best friend they would not consider hanging out with. These kids see their networks fading. But they're too humble to try to re-hold, because what happens? Well, it just doesn't work. It becomes awkward and it slowly and surely shatters up and turns a once happy and friendly person into a cold, depressed and hostile person.

The hostile person spends time thinking and thinking to his or herself curious to wonder what went wrong, and feel as if they speak to anybody, they'll become a leech and annoy them to a unbelievable level. This is not the actual case, but they feel this way because they don't have the feeling that anyone is interested in their lives or interested in what goes on with them. Sometimes it's true.

They'd LOVE to hangout with anyone, and enjoy talking to anyone, they want to strike a real, through conversation at this point. Unfortunately, they cannot think of anything to really get the ball rolling, and they struggle to find something. They try to find odd flaws and try to strike conversation, which often ends in confusion. Confusion is misinterpreted for disinterest. Leads to frustration. Arguing depression, sadness, threads, fall. Friendship ends on an awful note. Something that was great, faded.

Happened to you? Something similar. Or to a friend? It’s just the way things go. It’s tough to move on, but college, the next step is only a far cry away. Brace yourselves, it’ll pound you before you know it.

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