If it was this time in 2009, and someone gave me their notion that Twitter and Tumblr would, one day, become a site that would bring Facebook to its death knell, I would have naively believed them. Turns out these sites grew slowly in 2010, but became parallel outlets to express ourselves alongside Facebook.

The growth of these sites, I think, came from people's internal desires to vaguely express their innermost desires, without having to broadcast it to a massive, frequently-attentive Facebook audience. The notion to make Tumblr's and Twitter's was not to replace Facebook, but to filter the stream the content that is posted on Facebook. That all started with the rise of people talking about the "Facebook scene" outside of website, and made actions one does on Facebook as critical as actions done in reality.

Joining the ranks of Spotify in the category of "lets brag about our activity" comes the Washington Post Social Reader, a revolutionary online newsreader that allows you to read the latest Post articles without ever having to leave Facebook. Immediately upon the release of this application, I, along with many others have been caught by this application and found ourselves, *gasp*, reading articles!

Wait, the hell is this?! Teenagers reading posts published by the Washington Post? The fuck is this? Kids my age are suppose to be mean to the newspaper and belittle it to nerdcore material, and obtain news from the gossip on TV, magazines and the Facebook news feed.

Was at the Watch The Throne concert with Brandon last night. For those of you that don't follow the hip hop/rap world, that's these two underground acts called Kanye West and Jay-Z. Concert was, for the lack of better word choice, insane, amazing. Can't believe I got to go!

I never previously blogged about my HIST 201 paper, primarily because it is a boring subject to blog about, and in our day and age, blogs are by far the most boring thing to read. But if I'm still keeping your eyes glued to your glowing screens, here I go: There was a paper in HIST 201 that focused on two articles arguing about the Great Depression. I had to analyze them and see which article made the stronger argument.

It's about fucking time some random...shenanigans occurred in my dorm. To be fair, in a suite style building that's 17 stories tall, that's no easy task, yet this fearless trio did just that.

It was technically today, since it was a hair past midnight, but my roommate's friends came by to see if my roommate was there. He was not, and before they could head out, we heard this loud crash in my suite's common room. Naturally, I slowly get up off my computer, and lunge to the door. Instantly, I see a guy fall down screaming, wearing a banana suit. Attacking the poor banana dude is a another guy in a gorilla suit, and he is just outright relentlessly mauling the guy in a banana suit.

To keep this prolonged and cruel story all short and sweet, some inconsiderate, likely drunk, fucking asswipe dipshit, thought he was an invincible badass and pulled the fire alarm at Brandt Hall. Located in downtown Richmond, the residence hall stands 17 stories into the sky, and likely houses well over 1,200 kids. Adjacent to Brandt, is an 18 story, rather older dorm named Rhoads Hall, housing an additional thousand or more students.

I suppose at VCU, it is a necessity for everyone to have that half-a-dozen clan of indie/hipster friends that you can show of your ability to be sarcastic with, and make a fool of yourself citing stereotypes of the label for the label-less. With that, there is going to be that one dude, who is just an artsy person, but doesn't exhibit hipster rhetorics. For now, we're going to just go with the name "Dan" to describe him. One: because that's his name. Two: because it's only his first name.

Lane Stadium, the home (American) football field for the Virginia Tech Hokies. W.K. and I spent two hours and 45 minutes looking for our friend's tailgate. We never found it.

This past weekend, me and Mike Willis ventured out of central Virginia outward to the Appalachians, specifically the Blacksburg area, which is an informal term given to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (lets be real, this place exists because of the school), which itself is a formal term given to Virginia Tech. And at Virginia Tech, often abbreviated VT, which thankfully saves paper when typing blogs, nearly every single one of my friends decided to go there for 13th grade.