July 02, 2010

Suárez cheats Uruguay into the semis, with some excellent keeping.

WATCH: Uruguay vs. Ghana Highlights

Oh, what a lovely, gentle World Cup this has turned out to be, hasn't it?

Lets go back to the start. Steviee Tshabalala gives the nation the iconic start to open the cup, Robert Green becomes the worldwide laughingstock of keeping, French coach going all astrological (literally), plus our nations' very own Jonathan Bornstein is no longer the pinaccle of shit soccer play. Why, he's practically on the cusp of pure mediocrity.

How it brings tears to my eyes.

More recently, as in within the last hour or so, one man did something quite unthinkable. Using his own two bare hands, he made an entire continent want to skin him alive.

Meet Luis Suárez, the Uruguyan international who plays club soccer for the Dutch giants Ajax.

He's now the most hated man in Africa, and a good portion of the World excluding Uruguay.

Perhaps, he's not as hated so much in Holland, because after seeing the game, the Dutch would probably rather play Uruguay than Ghana. The African continent hopes also that the Netherlands completely annilhilate the Charruas...and send them crying to hopefully a 4th place finish.

Now, whys that; you might ask. I know that a hefty couple of you do not watch soccer, and do not acknowledge anything other than the sport is where you a kick a ball, so lets make it simple.

It's overtime, seconds left on the clock, defender can't uses hands...handballs...gets ejected. Ghana misses PK, and loses shutout.

Hmmm...wouldn't there be some minor dissent towards this guy. Decided to take a glance at Wikipedia to learn some more of this guy. Apparently he's a cheater in the World Cup.

Wait, wait, that's not all folks. He's also an unfair player, and is apparently not that good at the sport.

Joking apart, he did unfairly stop a ball that was going to be the evident winning-goal for Ghana, and the ticket-punch for Uruguay on a plane ride back to Montevideo, instead the Black Stars are boarding for Accra. 

I mean, some might blame Gyan for missing the penalty kick, I thought it was a bit of bad luck and he wasn't mentally stable. In the shootout he did earn some redemption, but really, the goal should have counted for Ghana.

Wonder how that feels for Suarez, you honestly got your team to the semis, but did they earn it? Hell no. The feeling of being cheated into the semis will probably come back to haunt him. 
Credit to the Black Stars of Ghana, you were without doubt a fan favorite to do well. Young team though, lets see how they do in Brazil in 2014, odds are they'll qualify. 

As for Uruguay? Well the Dutch will probably wipe the floors with them. I mean, it'll be a close game, but the Netherlands are by far the better team.

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