July 10, 2010

Three reasons to watch the FIFA World Cup consolation match

I could go right ahead and tell you all to watch it because it is such a gloomy day outside, for the first time in weeks, but I am going to give you three soccer-based reasons why you should give a damn in watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup third-place game.

Before I get into the reasons, a bit of background knowledge. Germany is playing Uruguay at 2:30 today on ABC, coverage starts...around 1:30 pm? I'm not for sure about that, so you might want to check ESPN's web site, the paper or your TV remote guide (if you have one). While Germany's the likely favorite, Uruguay is still a force to be reckoned with, as the Dutch barely squeaked away with a victory in the semis.

Time now to get into the reasons, I hope this means you drop any other plans you have to watch this game:

1. It's still world-class soccer: To get the World Cup semifinals is an incredible accomplishment, odds are you've won at least a game or two in group stage, subsequent with a pair of victories in the second round, and the quarterfinals. That being said, it's literally the third and fourth best team in the tournament. Now some of you people only want to best, well you can suck it up and deal with amazing instead of the best. It is still be better soccer than the MLS Game of the Week on ESPN.

2. Higher-scoring: Typically, the consolation matches of the World Cup are higher scoring, primarily because there is not as much at stake, and the players are playing more lax. But that doesn't mean some play without pride, as we could see from 2002, where a World Cup goal was scored just 11 seconds into the match:

That being said, for all of you arrogant people who cannot stand to watch soccer because you simply need frequent commerical breaks, you're guarenteed to see at least four or so goals this match. Here's a background of the scoring in the last six World Cup consolation matches:

2006 – Four goals – Germany defeated Portugal 3-1.
2002 – Five goals – Turkey defeated Korea Republic (South Korea) 3-2.
1998 – Three goals – Croatia defeated the Netherlands 2-1.
1994 – Four goals – Sweden defeated Bulgaria 4-0.
1990 – Three goals – Italy defeated England 2-1, but these three goals were scored in the span of 15 minutes.
1986 – Six goals – France defeated Belgium 4-2.

Doing the math, that's an average of three-and-a-half goals per match. In other words, multiple scoring...oh it will happen. Especially with the Germans on the pitch.

3. It will most likely NOT affect your weekend plans (or sleeping pattern): If you skimmed over my introduction, or simply disregarded anything until the reasons, that's no surprise to me, but you missed an important key factor for this reason. The time.

I get it. It's summer time, plus it's a summer weekend. Most of you are sleeping in until God-knows-when, but most of you probably wake up during the 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. time frame, or for most people who wake up reasonably, the lunch hours. The game doesn't kickoff until 2:30 p.m. Plenty of time to actually get out of  bed and have lunch for breakfast.

Now a good deal of you will do some ridiculous stuff during the wee hours of the night or in the early evening. Most likely after the dinner time frame, until an hour after curfew ends. Lucky for you all, the match will probably end around 4:30 p.m. ... at the latest. That being said, your plans are safe and you can still watch the game, plus you can still sleep in. How convenient is that?! Don't answer that, cause...it is.

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