July 20, 2010

New Xbox Game Caters to the Emotionally Interesting

Do you write Edgar Allan Poe fan fiction? Have you ever desecrated a Twilight book because you felt it was blasphemous to your view of vampires? Do you have an altar dedicated to Tim Burton's works? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you can read and understand basic English. If you you answered yes to all of these questions, then I have found a game for you.

Limbo, developed by the Danish studio PlayDead Studios (those clever Danes. First pastries then this) follows in the tradition of Braid-like games that give puzzle gameplay a somewhat odd spin. Limbo follows a young boy traveling alone in a big dark forest and later a big dark factory-type deal (seeing a pattern here?). Despite pre-conceptions, he is not dodging convicted sex offenders, he is dodging other children who leave thoughtful gifts like bear traps and tiger pits behind. If that isn't enough, that crazy b*tch Mother Nature is after him too, often crushing the unnamed boy to small bits. He somehow perseveres, traveling thru these dangerous areas to get to some sort of dark ending that I have not yet learned, as my Xbox Live is still down. If I were you (and thank God I'm not) I'd buy the game and be done with it. Might as well find a way to kill time till Edward Scissorhands 2, eh? (P.S. it's not coming. Hehehehehehe)

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