February 09, 2009

Ram Model Congress '09: Day 6

I’m going to skip over Geometry, because that class is uneventful. Well after Geometry it was the usual. Walked and talked with Anna back the locker bay, then after talking to Anna I went to the cafeteria with my normal gang of friends to talk a bit. After I went to get my Pre-arranged absence sheet...which I will explain later in this blog.

This was perhaps the most dead day of Model Congress today, because we literally didn’t do much. It was spent half of the time sitting down in the chairs talking about life and that good old stuff. Nothing so extremely eventful. Then again today wasn’t so much, hey it’s Monday...everyone’s dead. My committee, sat down and we looked really drained out. Bobby and I organized the bills around so everyone can make sure everything was filled out properly in terms if we passed, amended, or rejected the bill. We needed one signature and that was it.

Succeeding that boring episode, we from there got a laptop and began to try to do some research on the current economic stimulus package so we could design one of our own. I was looking at the IRS website doing some research and nobody seemed to express enough interest so someone else in our group went to some unblocked gaming website to entertain himself. It’s a bit saddening he doesn’t care about the economy, but in his defense it’s just a fake Congress...so I can get why he doesn’t care. That...that was well about it. Ironically, that girl that got kicked out last time wasn’t back.

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