February 10, 2009

Chemistry Rivalries and Spanish Errors

Seriously now, if it wasn’t for having Chemistry and Spanish in the afternoons I wouldn’t mind blue days all that much. I mean like I said I love the kids in my class, they’re all extremely awesome and they make the classes much more enjoyable. I don’t need to give a shout out to explain who they are. And if you’re in question if you are one of them, don’t worry you probably are. I now reread this and I think, wow can I be more of a jerk to my teachers. Seriously, my Chemistry teacher is out of town because of her sister’s in a recovery after almost being paralyzed. My prayers go out to her, and I wish the best for her.

So needless to say we had a sub today and she was chill and enjoyable. I managed to get all my homework done in that class. Throughout the class I had some good little chit chats with Rachel Metz and Josh Choi which isn’t all that bad. Josh is Josh and Rachel is Rachel...well no duh. Josh and I played rock, paper scissors/truth or dare. What exactly that was, was that we would play rock, paper, scissors and the loser would have to then say truth or dare. You get the assumption. We didn’t do anything bad or anything so it was all good. Josh thinks for some weird reason that I like Hanna though...that’s a rumor.

Now Spanish is what really pissed me off. You see, I was absent one day and I missed a lot of material so I couldn’t do the quizzes. They were recorded in the gradebook as 0%. Now because of that my Spanish grade right now is suffering dangerously. I have a 38% in that class, even though it should truthfully be about 50% higher. Sure it’s funny, but if there’s any reason why I am irritated in my mood, this is why. So on Thursday, I am going to make up the quizzes, that I should get 100% on. For that my grade will skyrocket up. No worries, it’ll be okay.

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