February 05, 2009

Ram Model Congress '09: Day 4

As you can recite from the title of this section, today was the fourth day of Ram Model Congress 2009. And for today we spent the vast majority of it in our committees amending, passing or rejecting “bills”. Our Committee Leader came late for a part of the time our upper chair, Bobby Bray was the leader. As return for making him be the Republican leader for our committee (although I’m a Democrat), he made me have to go up to the podium and call up people to report to our table.

I didn’t see this as a punishment, or nervewrecking because I know that nobody really pays attention to you that much, because they’re doing “committee work”. Translation: texting, doing homework in other class and dosing off. Plus it was cool in a geeky way to hear my voice project throughout Davala Hall...I’m not going to lie. So, I went up three maybe four times to call people to talk about their bills. We passed about eight and rejected about three.

My personal feelings were that for Bobby he was just skimming the introduction of the bill then making his own opinions. If he liked the bill he passed it, he disliked it he rejected it. To be for real, it was hilarious how every thirty seconds he asked for a new bill. By the third time he did, I knew something was up. Then our table got into this huge debate over the Stem Cell bill after Bobby Bray rejected Ally Skalecky’s and Abdul Jama’s bills. I was for them, being the liberal kid I am and approving stem cell research. Truly though this doesn’t count for anything in the real world outside of Davala Hall, but I didn’t want the bill to die without the whole committee voting on it, I got it to work...and the bill is in gridlock 4-4 tie.

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