At the tail end of 2008, I began churning out a slew of Facebook notes that were posted on a daily basis. And wouldn’t you know, the name of those notes were “Tyler Talk”, followed by the date the post was released. They were elaborate, detailed, and sometimes unnecessarily worded. They were about three or four mini essays or prolonged blog posts in one note.

By January, or February, it ignited a micro trend where three–maybe four students in my grade who ardently followed the notes (and even subscribed) began to make their own short lived blog series…that died after about a month or so.

As 2009 progressed, I developed more of a lifestyle, I mean, it’s not much, but enough that I could no longer blog every day. I decided to take a bold step, and make a Blogger site and Tumblr profile of all my blogs late in 2009. And by the tail end of 2009, they were no longer on Facebook. Sure it might have meant “less fans”, but the effort placed in those blogs waned.

Today, I occasionally blog, primarily about soccer, but I feel I’m at a loss trying to creatively scribe pieces together. Then again, that’s a huge struggle of any blogger. If you made it this far, I wonder how that was possible.


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