February 09, 2009

12 Angry Men

For English class, during the second half after lunch, we watched the first 45 minutes of the motion picture 12 Angry Men. It’s about a jury that needs a 12-0 either guilty or not guilty unanimous vote in order to make their final choice on the defendant. The case is about an eighteen year old who supposedly murders his abusive father. The history behind the kid isn’t that good. He has a very high criminal record and has grown up in a rough neighborhood ghetto. His criminal record includes being in knife fights, mugging, etc.

The jury rules in an 11-1 vote in favor of him being guilty of first degree murder. His punishment would be the death penalty and he’ll be sent to the electric chair for death. However during the jury’s meeting the one lone voter for not guilty begins to persuade others to join him. It’s a 8-4 vote in favor of him being guilty when class ended. Too bad I wont be there to see the outcome, I must just Google the spoiler later tonight.

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