February 05, 2009

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Hanna - Ben


Well, I must say you were looking very professional today for Model Congress! Doing you party whipping and all that good stuff. And yes, people did seem obsessed with my Under Armour shirt and kept stretching it and stretching it. Thankfully, Mrs. Stromwall’s creep out factor was low today...thank god.


Benjamin, Benjamin why were you walking outside today in a T-shirt? I mean seriously, it was probably in the low 40s if not upper 30s, so you must have frozen to death. Hopefully you didn’t get hypothermia. Oh, by the way there’s something I need to talk to you about.

The Irish Update

Aidan was not at school today...hungover? I think yes! Oh Aidan guess what! Emmanuel showed me his girlfriend today!!! No joke either!!!

Final Thoughts

I got back relatively early from my Scout meeting, which was boring...as usual, the scouts were a bit wound up but they calmed down when asked upon. So that’s always good. Tomorrow’s another day, but thankfully it’s a gold day...with the exception to Geometry, but hey there’s always something about any day that you may not particularly like so, I’ll just suck it up and go on with my day. Later guys and girls.

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