February 04, 2009

Read for 30 Minutes! Um, no...

My mom told me that from now on today that I have to read at minimal for at least thirty minutes every night. While I probably read about fifteen to twenty minutes everyday without anyone telling me to, just for that...I won’t read at all tonight. I don’t want to sound like a hard headed guy bearing a grudge because I am being forced to read, but I guess well...I got better things to do than read, and I seriously do not have the time to set aside to read tree killing stories we call books. Right now other than this blog, I got some emails to the troop I need to type, some pictures I need to get organized for a photo collogue project for Computer Graphics, type a letter to a constituent for Model Congress. I had some Chemistry earlier but its done.

My point being is when my mom tells me a new policy it will die in like a week, so it’s so dumb for her to actually waste her time to enforce that I will do something that I simply wont do. She did say whatever I wanted to read I can read, so I guess it will be this blog. I did read the Valor Dictus and the Comics of The Washington Post for around fifteen minutes total, so hey that’s good enough. Sorry Mom, I won’t read for thirty minutes a night.

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