February 04, 2009

Ram Model Congress '09: Day 3

Right before we got into order for Ram Model Congress, Abdul Jama made a comment about my blog yesterday, which I felt was a bit ironic because I was thinking at the moment what should my introduction for today’s third day of Model Congress be for me...then wham! There you go. I felt bad for Bobby though, he left his papers at home, but he managed somehow to give me his letter to me right before seventh period.

Today, was the day when we began to organize and get into committees. Prior to that it seemed though the new leaders we very unorganized and confused about exactly what to do, and often referred to the teachers for administrative help. I don’t blame them, it’s nervewrecking and it was the first day our Speaker of the House, Daren Tomson, was doing his job. Hopefully, by the end of this week or starting next week the whole system should be in tip top shape ready to go.

The major highlight though of Model Congress today was that we broke into our committees for the first time. The only other classmate/friend in my group is, ironically, Bobby Bray. Our committee though has the smallest amount of members in it in relation to the other nine committees, us being the Science and Technology Committee. This shocked me, because I thought it would be a popular committee to be on...I guess not. Our chairperson of the committee had to be a Democrat and we selected a girl named Danielle Holmes to have that job. For me, I sort of pushed Bobby in the way to becoming the ranking member of the committee since he was a Republican in the committee, of only two conservatives in that group.

Beyond that we began to read two bills that were in the folders. One was to raise animal rights and create an entire new department devoted for animal rights and another to restrict stem cell research to only adult stem cells. Plus, I felt honored because I am the committee’s guy who reads all the bills to the table and that good stuff. So it’s somewhat honorable I guess.

Looking forward to the fourth day tomorrow.

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