February 11, 2009

Beyond School

Khadijah was trying to cheer me up because Mrs. Ovalle’s dumb move to give me a 0% on three quizes I hadn’t taken yet. It helped, she’s a really helpful person to make you feel better, so if you’re reading this Khadijah, thanks :) As everyone knows this month has just been a rough slide for me, so hopefully when I get some of theses...issues settled it’ll be all back to normal, but not to the way I want things, or been trying to make things be.

Anyways, after school...I hung around my normal posse of friends, then talked to Renee for a bit, being the locker buddy she is. From there, I walked with Jackie and Stephen out of the school. From there, I saw my favorite little freshman...Ted! You just got to love that kid, he’s tight. From there I got to see how hardheaded the upperclassmen were on the bus. They were actually trying to push me up a row and I was like “um I don’t think so”. They don’t scare me, they cannot psychically move me up so I stayed put and they dealt with it. There, I had a good little talk with Jordan about how he should make a band called Purple School Bus. Yeah...

From there, I got home, had a snack and talked to my dad for a bit. He was home to do some paperwork before going back to work. I feel really bad for him, because he’s been so busy with work especially in this economic situation. Now, I don’t want to make this feel sorry for Tyler blog so I am going to switch things up. I then finished my AP Government and Spanish homework, hence that being the only homework I had to do. Then I began to work on this blog. What I expected beyond that is my tutor for Geometry to come over around six to help me study for my test which I am going to make up on Thursday, since I am going to be absent that day. Cool tutor, boring subject. Bittersweet.

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