February 05, 2009

Back to Normal in Health

Last Health class, Gill Tarbett and Ben Wittig were not at my table. Well, that class I’ll say it was a tad bit quieter. Their friendship is what I call, a love-hate relationship. Gill gave Ben a manicure while Ben was flicking her off while doing so. They got into an array of arguments so pointless, I’m not going to even bother blog about it. Yeah...

They were beneficial though today. While they both made my time in the class pass by at a faster rate, Gill loaned me paper today and Ben...well...his presence was enough to ask for. Ben explained to chalk drawings on his pants around his pelvic region. To keep things at an appropriate level, I’ll stop there in that subject of matter. No, there was nothing provocative on his pants though, don’t worry. We had to write a reflection paper on what is our “happy place”. Gill and Ben were trying to give me some ideas, but I chose to write about when I go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina once a week annually since I was born.

Ben shared how his bed was his happy place and how he does, literally everything in his bed. His homework, sleeping (duh), eating, watching TV, and people said some commentary of what he also does in there. Scandalous. Gill’s was more G-rated, oooo pun! But for real though it was about how she loved Florida. That’s cool. That’s cool.

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