February 03, 2009


Michael Willis would have probably interrupted me before I could say “interrupted”. Four times today, Mike butted into me talking to me. Twice to the same person.
The whole trend began today when I was talking to Anna in the hallway and right in the midst of the conversation, Mike comes in and says “hey Tyler!” While I mean I am honored that he gets excited to come up and talk to me, but interruptions are rude, Mr. Willis. This was just the start for today though, less than ten minutes later...he would be back on his rampage. This time to poor Michael Hickey. At breakfast I was complimenting Hickey for his sharp apparel, and then Mike goes “hey Tyler!”. Ridiculous!

He would do it AGAIN TO THE SAME PERSON! This time right before 4th period English for me. I was so appalled by his poor manors I didn’t even bother to respond for him, for he had known the damage was done. I believe he also did it when I was talking to Ben Johnson...like thirty seconds after he interrupted me and Hickey for the first time. Willis, just learn to wait until I have a free moment, interrupting people is rude.

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