September 22, 2014

Back At It Again, Hello

For months I've entertained the idea of returning to blogging, and getting back in the swing of writing out my thoughts and observations, and well, I've decided to get back into it. With it, I'm hoping to regain a grasp of being able to write and convey my thoughts more professionally, and better thought-out. Also, it might help organize my thought process more effectively, which lately, has been so scattered for the past few weeks. 

Since I've last blogged, my interests, passions, and goals have vastly changed &mbsp; the dreams of journalism, soccer beat writing, music writing and potentially teaching are long gone. Now, they've been replaced with the vague notions of city reform, city design, anti-suburbanism, mass transit, and redesigning the way we travel, and the way we see how we live. Essentially, my interests are the outline of typical urban planning and city design collegiate courses, which should be a given after two years of focusing my studies and investing my energy and interest into this field, and wanting to dedicate a portion of my life towards it. 

Where I am now is the beginning the final chapter of my undergraduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. To sound painfully cliche, it is has been nothing more than a foundation of my learning, and that my studies have only begun. Maybe it's simply growing up, but as I've ascended through college, there is always something more to know, and absorbing the knowledge is not as easy as we all wish it could be. In fact, that's most likely the case. I truly will not really grasp my understanding of the professions within my major (Urban and Regional Planning) until I am entering graduate school, which I am to do at VCU, as well as the entry level positions in the working world, or if I am able to achieve a dream of mine, running a transit company that can transform how we see travel. 

Now that my ridiculous exile return paragraphs have finished, I can now begin this stupid blog. 

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