July 11, 2010

World Cup Final: The Better Team Won Today


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There's myriad blabber to say about this World Cup, but I guess if anything, the Spanish won their first World Cup. It'll be remembered by that, and Andrés Iniesta's extra time goal that made him a nation icon, and send the Dutch home in tears for the third time in a World Cup final (previously done so in 1974 and 1978).

It was finally a World Cup that each side finally deserved. They've been the long underachievers of the tournament, and always slipping up right before the clutch moment. Well, both the Spanish and the Dutch showed why they were ranked rather high in FIFA's system.

Though it's pretty simple for a casual sports fan to just cheer on the winners, cannot do that for myself. Diehard USA fan, and actually I was rooting for the Netherlands if the Yanks were to sizzle out, which happened about two weeks ago.

The Spanish finally though got what they deserved. For years, they've been perhaps the best football (soccer) team in the international community, but never have shown it. Euro 2008 did help them, but when it came tested in the Confederations Cup, their lackluster 0-2 defeat to the USA marked questions if this underachieving side could pull it off.

Then came Switzerland. It was their first loss for The Red Fury since their loss to the Stars and Stripes last summer. Like USA, Spain outplayed them and outclassed them in every category except the most important: goals.

That lose I feel was key to Spain's mentality in this World Cup and never to underestimate the power of their opponents, which I feel helped them out in their phenomenal defensive and offensive tactics.

It worked, sludgy low scoring affairs throughout the tournament, but when they needed to, the Red Fury got the job done. Bravo Spain.

Everyone watched the World Cup, so no need to recap it...other than the fact that there was a insane amount of cards, and yeah...history history. It'll be historical. First World Cup game that had two nations in the final that had never previously won a tournament since 1978.

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