July 14, 2010

Single Review: "Afterlife" – Bush

Joining the scene of attempting to review grunge/early post-grunge, Bush is the newest member of more than a dozen by now. Above is their new single Afterlife.

Now, listening to this on iTunes, I got annoyed to see another comment like this:

Jr. Kid 9287's review:
Is this Seether, Shinedown, Finger Eleven, or Three Days Grace? cause it sure doesnt sound like Bush. With every new song coming out from older bands (that WERE cool), it makes you think, "maybe they should stick with what MADE them cool." It makes me sad being a 90's kid listening to this track directly after listening to Superman or Machinehead...THOSE tracks were examples of Bush, THIS is every other band out today. It seems like a lot of bands from the 90's formed a group in between then and now...it's called Everyband...and they all made the same music to put out as they got older. You may fool the youngsters, but not the people that grew up with you.

My response to Jr. Kid 9287:

When you speak of cliche music, you leave a cliche review. I've had enough with the type of reviews people like you write. They're absolutely arrogant. Writing negative reviews associating them with modern-day hard rock bands and then claiming that they were 11-15 years old listening to their old stuff. Then they go on a rant saying how bands MUST have a carbon copy of their old music to be repackaged into an entirely "brand new" single.
If a band kept their same sound JrKid9287, their music would be boring, bland and cliche. Like those bands you mentioned (Seether, Shinedown, Finger Eleven, and Three Days Grace). You're probably criticizing them because they sound the same, yet...you want Bush to sound the same? A bit redundant to your argument and it does not make your point valid. And as for your remarks, this song sounds absolutely nothing like what some may call "generic rock". There's no such thing. There's trends that come and go. Even those bands you brushed aside have switched up their sound.
2010 isn't 1994. Thoughts change, feelings change, lives change, the world changes. I doubt that Rossdale, Goodridge and Traynor feel the exact same way as they did back in the days of Sixteen Stone.
And as for this single, I didn't mind it; but it wasn't anything too too spectacular. Reminiscent a bit from 'Gold', reminds me a bit of 30 Seconds to Mars. That might just be me.

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