August 25, 2010

Facebook Chat to be fixed

For Facebook, it has practically created its own subpar spoof of every possible online application that emphasizes in a certain category. Facebook's "Photo" app vs. Flickr and Photobucket. Its "Events" app vs. E-vite and iCal. The "Notes" app vs. Blogger and WordPress. The most recent collection would have to be Facebook Places that might kill off Foursquare, as Mashable reports.

However, there has been one evident thing that Facebook has never been able to win over, primarily because its buggy interface. As if it wasn't evident enough, that would have to be Facebook Chat, the sites instant-messaging service for the past two years.

Most common errors for the the program is its overall lack of uptime, and frequently fails to connect a Facebook-user online, or fails to properly display all of a user's contacts when needed.

And that's just the beginning. Reasons as well include it's inability to properly send, or over-send an IM, and not to mention the times when you minimize a chat box and then you open it up again...only to find your conversation has mysteriously been erased.

That being said, it's safe to say that Facebook Chat is the lousiest excuse for IMing online at the moment. Not to mention it has become the laughingstock of instant messaging. And for a while Facebook was content with that, while it monopolized every other section, and allowed for Chat's rivals like Oovoo and Skype to thrive within the past year.

The popularity of those two, as well as decreased use of Chat must be the reason that they're finally announcing plans to overhaul and fix the technical difficulties that plague Facebook Chat. Because it's the practically the final frontier of the Internet that is rather unexplored by Facebook. Okay, lets be real: it's the last thing Facebook has yet to rip-off.

Facebook is reportedly dropping Chat support for Internet Explorer 6 or lower
Developer Rodrigo Schmidt blogged a message assuring the site's users that Facebook Chat would in fact be back on track:

"In the coming weeks, we will be making important improvements in the way connections are established and messages are sent," Schmidt said. "[Facebook] Chat will be much more stable for you and your friends."

Part of the fixture of Facebook Chat is that it will no longer be running on older Internet browsers, which would make it easier for bandwidth settings.

"After evaluating the alternatives, we've decided to make rapid improvements and provide the best Chat experience possible, which means we will no longer support Internet Explorer 6 browsers," added Schmidt.

Okay so, it's just the sixth version of Explorer. Which is practically a dinosaur in browsing I'd say. Though I don't use Explorer I believe it's already at the tenth version of the browser.

Schmidt also blogged that Chat would be dropped on September 15 in an effort to give users using the old browser time to upgrade. It should be interesting to see if after that date, or short following the 15th if there becomes more reliability.

I still be they'll be myriads of bugs and errors in the Chat program. Just have that sense.

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