August 23, 2010

Monday Morning: Wait for debate, grunge, soccer, Favre, the normal. Except for Favre.

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Earlier this week, I told the two of you about how Graham Rockwood and Stephen Goodrick would be engaging in political arguments about how the nation should be reformed for the better. They've only wall posted each other on Facebook. They've yet to truly debate.

Let's be real: The answer to everything is three words: high speed rail. Oh, and 42. Not to mention soccer and grungy music. How could I forget?


On the topic of soccer, something really, really, really unbelievable happened. D.C. United won a soccer game. Shocked too. Wait–they played the Philadelphia Union. So much for it being that strange. Below are highlights from the match:

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Back to grungy music. Soundgarden has a new single, technically. It's actually a remastered B-side from the Badmotorfinger sessions entitled Black Rain. Didn't mind it, but no I was no going music orgasmic becuase it's Soundgarden. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5.


I'm not crazy about football and NFL stuff, but Favre's performance made me laugh a little bit. Cut some slack though, because only two days of training can only do so much in one "drive" before being sacked and taken out of the game. Welcome back, Brett.


Union supporters mock RFK:

Their banner said "NICE STADIUM...FOR US TO DOOP ON!" RFK is a piece of shit, and they're probably mocking that, while they have the nice and new PPL Park.

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