March 24, 2009

The Meaning of Apathetical Logic

We all learn something new everyday, for instance, a couple days ago as many of you remember from a previous blog, Michael Plant learned the definition of the sexual innuendo number sixty-nine (69). Today, I learned something myself, I learned what the wear “apathetic” means. Okay, I probably have learned the word and used the word in months past, but I don’t really recall it this morning when Ben Johnson used in a sentence when speaking to me. I think I asked him what’s up and he answered that he was in an apathetic mood. I went to a trusted source to get my puzzling question answered...Stephen A.B. Goodrick. After all, his mother’s an English teacher, so it’s in his blood to be a human dictionary. He gallantly answered that it meant non caring. I was going to go back to talk to Ben to take interest in life, but I ran into another Ben on the way was Benjamin Wittig. I couldn’t ignore him, so I stopped and had a wonderful two-minute chit chat with him. Afterwards, I went to go confront Ben.

I began to throw a bunch of crap of him with theories and philosophies that he should live his life to the fullest and not be in a “I don’t care mood”. I mean, you’re gifted with this life and you as we know live only once so every moment you should take advantage of it. Ok yes, we all have those blah mood inside of us from time to time, but I mean this is Ben Johnson we are talking about. The kid’s a gallant, happy kid that should be a caring mood all the time...nah I’m just kidding, we all have the right to be “meh...” every now and then, I know I have. So it’s okay Ben...don’t let it happen again, just kidding.

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