March 05, 2009

Oh, The People You’ll See In Halls

During Spanish, I developed a pounding headache so severe that I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go to the clinic. For me, going to the clinic is a rare occurrence and I usually try to avoid going, and just wait till I get home, but today I just couldn’t take it, I need to just not think and rest, which makes me feel relieved that I got an easy day tomorrow except for my Geometry test, but I got that taken care of during the morning hours.

What was weird about my trip to the clinic was..well the trip in general. Every time I went to and from the clinic I ran into someone I know, yeah that isn’t so weird but when it just so happens to be really, really good friends of yours...yeah that’s a bit odd. Especially in the case that it had to be four maybe five people. That’s really rare.

So I left my classroom, on the way I saw Bryan Kong, and I exchanged hi’s with him and I had to stop so we could confirm information about going to see Watchman on Friday. From there I got into the clinic and saw Breanna Smith in there. So I signed in and spoke to her for a moment. Then the secretary said the most bizarre thing ever to me. The last time I was in the clinic was EXACTLY TWO YEARS AGO. EXACTLY right on the date. weird is that?! I guess March 5 is my ill day haha. March 5, 2007 was the last time I was in the clinic...really, really, really, odd. Maybe March 5, 2011 will be the next time. I don’t know. Called my mom and went back to class to get my belongings.

On the way I saw Michael Hickey who was shooting footage for his Film Studies project. From there I got my stuff and embarked out. On the way I saw Renee Redman and I walked and talked to her for a bit, then I realized that I walked by the locker bay without gathering my stuff...had to hull back there and get my stuff. Kept walking, saw Nick Cella, then Bryan Kong (again). Went back into the clinic and sat back in and waited for my mom to come.

As I left there was a group outside that yelled “bye Tyler!” to me. I don’t know who said that to me though...I couldn’t tell who it was, except for about five people waving to me, I really don’t know.

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