March 25, 2009

I'm a Kinesthetic Learner

I guess I am. Well not majority, during this quiz we took to test if we were either a visual, audio or kinesthetic learner, it was split across for me. Of the 12 questions, I got 5 for kinesthetic, 4 for visual and 3 for audio. So, kinesthetic I guess. A kinesthetic learner is someone who learns better by doing really interactive stuff, like hands on. No, no sexual pun intended. For that Mrs. Granville divided us into groups (oh this is AP Government by the way) into three groups. Each group as a mix of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. We only have four kinesthetic learners in the class, including I was the only one in my group. Woo, represting the super minority! The group wants me to do some game for defense and foriegn policy. I thought about using the game Risk as an example.

However, the game’s boring. It’s like Monopoly. Perhaps comedian (don’t get angry Brandon Wardell) Dane Cook explains it the best, “when you play monopoly...two hours into any game of Monopoly...................*boom* FUCK THIS GAME!!!!!” Yeah it makes you laugh, but it’s true, especially in Risk. Risk is a game you could start today and not finish until it’s Spring Break, and towards the latter half of it. My idea is though to make people wear signs of them of continents, regions and or nations. Then explain it from there. Easy, cheap, and most importantly...short and sweet and to the point.

This is due on Tuesday, March 31. We begin work tomorrow.

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