March 23, 2009

One Interesting Lunch

My lunch was truly a unique lunch today with M.H., B.J. and T.D. It wasn’t so much out of the ordinary since we were bashing T.P. in telling him that he was the devil and his father is a Satanist. Even though these are both false and incorrect statements, but I guess the thing that made this lunch stand out from other lunches was that I bought lunch today. Above in other stories and such are valid explanations why I didn’t, but it was mainly because I lacked time to and were out of food, so I had the new pizza with all that stuff on top of it. It was actually not that bad, fairly decent...although that was the first, and probably last time I will have that pizza.

The cookies, are extremely oddly cooked. I mean it’s like a freaking semicircle in terms of what’s cooked and what could have been cooked longer, actually no it isn’t that. Either you have one semicircle that’s cooked normally, then another that’s cooked, but not longer enough. Most times, the case is that one semicircle is extremely burnt to a crisp, on the contrary the other semi circle...cooked normally. It’s ridiculous and a waste of money. The Sun Chips are good though, and so is the pink lemonade. Needless to say though, don’t expect me to eat school lunches that often at school for the rest of the year, heck for the rest of my time at Robinson Secondary School.

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