March 03, 2009

The Rough Go Day

One of these days I just want a day when things just go my way. Like a day where the people I always have to go up to to talk to come up to me and talk to me. Or a day where everyone’s just happy, because no one seems to be that happy lately. Everyone’s down and grouchy and their moral affects peoples social being. I and others are smart enough to know no one is mad just aggravated about life. It’s so true though. Life couldn’t be any more of a bitch than it is right now. I can’t even think of it all, but damn there’s so much. Plus school’s hard. No matter how much fucking effort I put in, it’s never good enough. Standards are way too high, and they got to be lowered. Everything is too over-competitive and it needs to be open up into a broader spectrum.

If anyone understood that melancholy rampage of words I used, I thank you for understanding in some degrees you agree to a somewhat extent with this. Why, why, why, should I explain the rough go day. I know none of you actually read this shit, so I think if you actually are it’s time to go read the synopsis. Too damn much work to waste my time typing the same shit twice.

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