March 23, 2009

Setting Fire to Food

Who would have thought we would be doing something....interesting in Chemistry. I sure as hell didn’t know it, or expected it. But what do I know? I wasn’t there on Thursday so of course I wouldn’t know what on earth was going on in the class today. If you want a generic, simple answer...we played with fire. No that sounds dangerous it makes it seem like we were doing stuff that we were not suppose to be doing. It was actually an experiment that required we used fire. We set fire to marshmallows and cheese puffs and see how much mass they originally had was and how much weight they lost after being fried to death.

Simultaneously, we were putting the burning food underneath a coke can, which was suspended on crane like iron hooks over the ground. During that time we would record the temperature of the initial water in the coke can, then record the temperature after the substance would stop burning and it was all burnt out. The numbers somewhat surprised me, since for the fact...I had no idea what to expect.

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