March 25, 2009

Duct Tape Conflict

I forget which passing it was, I think it was actually before seventh period, I come to my locker and it has a duct tape “X” on it, thankfully it was duct taped shut...or I would have other problems on my hands. Thankfully, it wasn’t. In about fifteen to twenty seconds I had the “masterpiece” disarmed and reassembled on Renee Redmen’s locker. But it only took mere seconds to figure out who the culprit was in this...operation. Patrick Brimberry. I mean, after I grabbed my books for the next class and dropped off my books from the previous class I saw Patrick running towards me. And I knew he was coming towards me. He was halfway laughing and failing miserably in a poor attempt to keep his face looking contempt. Before he could say anything I slyly asked “would you happen to know who put duct tape on my locker?”

He was defeated or well...but in the hot seat. He fussed up fast, but he wasn’t telling me who else helped me. I asked Stephen Goodrick and Anna Farwell if they knew, I knew it wasn’t them, because they’re like my two nicest friends...they would never do that. Plus, I couldn’t see them pulling a practical joke on me. Well...maybe Stephen. Now I bet Anna’s reading this and thinking “oh...just wait Tyler...!” I sense it. Okay, knocked on wood...totally safe to a legit level now.

But after school Renee confessed and told she was responsible to, then Patrick was then accusing Renee of forcing him to do it. I’m confused honestly by the whole mess of stories, and if you are too...don’t worry. I’ll figure it out tomorrow, or I’ll just blow it off my shoulders. Or possibly plot some...revenge...

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