March 25, 2009

Daily Synopsis: March 25

You guys know my morning drill, so the real “exciting” or well noteworthy stuff of today began with Computer Graphics class and finalizing the playing card project. I probably annoyed Stephen Goodrick a lot by asking him what he thought of the various designs I was experimenting with looked like. So, on Friday I’ll try to annoy him less on that...or will I? I went to RAISE Time in my Chemistry class and I perked up my lab with Josh Choi and I did my test corrections. Tomorrow, I take the retest...wish me luck. Time kept passing then it was AP Government, we got into our groups today on the public policy project. From there it was Chemistry for an unexpected 50 minutes instead of 20 minutes due to a quiz so it was my first time ever in my Robinson years going to “D” was okay. Then I had Spanish, where I tried to cheer up Kyle Barry. Had a rough day (Kyle did), then I stayed after school to, ironically, retake a Spanish quiz that I pissed when I was sick last week. From there I had a swim check for Boy Scouts at the South Run RECenter, then I came home. And I’m serious as long as it, that’s about as minimal I could get.

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