June 18, 2010

WC Notebook: USA rallies (again)

To a true, USA-soccer fan like myself, we're used to the United States going down, then rallying to crush the hopes of their opponents. And yes, a myriad number of times has the USA gone down...to rally for victory. The comeback, it's always a classic, but it shows one thing. Our offense is fast and explosive, or midfield has depth, and our defense is awful.

Before I recap this, cliche USA match, I'll link you up the times the United States rallied to win or tie, only in CONCACAF qualification. Happened ever too often: @ El Salvador. Hosting Honduras, hosting El Salvador, winning at Honduras, tying Costa Rica. More recently, our match against Turkey provides more stunning proof.

I cannot really evaluate the first half of the match, primarily because I was taking my math final during the first half. Hearing the USA was down 0-1 to Slovenia was anything except a surprise to myself. Okay, I got home it was just seconds before halftime...the Slovenians make it 2-0. Now I'm irritated at lackluster play.

So what happens? Why the USA do the "remarkable" and come back to draw the match. Really though, the Slovenians should have faced defeat especially given the fact that the United States scored in the 87th minute, and it was called back. Offsides? It might have been, didn't seem like it. Maybe if I was AR I might have. Oh well, happens.

That's later on. But literally seconds into the second half, the USA really show how good of a team they are, and how weak and subordinate of a team Slovenia is. Donovan nails a nasty shot that he completely buries. Keeper chickened out and hit behind the post for "safety"? Heaven knows.

From there, typical USA play. They go on a maelstrom hellfire and penetrate the Slovenian defense, evidentially to a caliber that Slovenia could not and did not handle. Bradley nailed the equalizer and it sent Slovenia in a iffy position still awaiting a match against group favorites England.

Got a feeling though, this will happen against Algeria. Granted, Algeria lately hasn't shown much in the ways of offense, but then again, the USA doesn't have a defense. Should make it unique. If the USA wants to play with the big boys in the knockout round, they'll need to take ground and stop screwing up in the back, rallies are exciting. But please, they're nerve-wracking for the loyal fan.

Now your commentary. We all collectively knew they did horrendous in the first half, but they did decent in the second half, but what do you all think about the ongoing rallies the USA does on a regular basis?

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