June 05, 2010

World Cup Notebook: The First One (USA v. Australia preview)

This series is probably what I could consider my final Journalism project of J2...that I self-assigned. Or a blog series I wanted to do. Killing two birds though with one stone. Metaphor though, I would never actually do that.

Anyways, the first blog post of many to come on the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. I'll try to update this series as frequent as possible on both Tyler Talk and the Valor Dictus' Tyler Talk page. Hefty job, I am aware, though I'm capable of doing so. The series will begin tomorrow right now, and continue until July 12 stop when I feel like doing post World Cup finals commentary.

If you actually knew about the previous blog post, I did in fact plan to start the series on June 5. Regard that day as the day of the day the USMNT playing the Socceroos. But, however, I can't do that. Game's early as hell tomorrow. 8:30 AM, ESPN2.

Getting up at 8:20 AM to watch a soccer game, and chow breakfast down is a great amount better than getting up at 6:30 AM to take an SAT. Enough said. In other words, I'm excited for the game.

I would get into some World Cup notes, but it's 11:00 PM. I've had a long day, heck, a long night. I'm beat. And I need my energy to cheer on the Yanks tomorrow morning. I'll do some actual World Cup notes from other teams tomorrow.

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