June 05, 2010

Top 15 Social Networking Sites for the 2009-10 School Year

1. Facebook

Description: What tweens and preteens believe is the only web site existing.

Unfortunately, for the third consecutive school-year, Facebook is still—by far—the most popular social networking site amongst students. Though the news shouldn't be any surprise to anyone, what surprises me is that it's still making noise at this point, for nearly three years. Following the death of MySpace, and the up and coming expected rise of Twitter, people were expecting Facebook to fall. It's simply become every teen's microcosm, causing them to be fearful of any site beyond Facebook.

2. Formspring

Description: Questions, pleas to have sex, the likes.

No one probably saw this site come in. Literally out of nowhere, this site entered the mainstream earlier this very year, and it's exploded in popularity, though it seems to have dwindled a bit in its popularity. Still though, there's no other site that has as many Formspring users. Though I think the site's a waste of time, people still enjoy wasting time on a site where you're suppose to ask and answer questions anonymously.

3. Yahoo!

Description: Everything crammed by your email tab.

4. Twitter

Description: Fruitless news and bitching concisely composed.

Though Twitter was a craze for twenty-something, teens seemed to hate the site mainly because you wouldn't be able to play FarmVille or ask sexual questions to friend anonymously. To my surprise, the site's increased tremendously in students using the site, one thing to make accounts, like they did last year, but to frequently tweet and tweet meaningful stuff is on the rise.

5. Gmail/Buzz

Description: Google's way to stay ahead of Facebook in the Alexa rankings.

6. YouTube

Description: Videos advertisements of all types and quality.

7. Skype

Description: Free telephone.

8. Lockerz

Description: Watch ads for stuff you'll never buy, so that you can get "pointz" for stuff, that you'll never be able to buy on the site.

9. Grooveshark

10. Flickr

Description: Yahoo!'s high quality version of Photobucket.

11. StumbleUpon

Description: Find random shit that will be of interest to you that you'll never be able to find through Google.

12. OoVoo


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