August 27, 2009

The Era of Post-Grunge: Part III

Part III: From Grunge to Post-Grunge

Grunge couldn’t stand it being adored and loved to death by people, and neither could his homeboys. This had the effect primarily on Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden whom went down under to do underground projects, and the poor Alice In Chains tried...until during the wrath of “post grunge” (we’ll get to that later) got to they drugged themselves up. Yeah. Not good. Luckily, though Pearl Jam handled the fame and basically dickslaped the record companies and did their own thing. Eddie Vedder was happy (for a Grunge artists), more like satisfied. Epic Records was in shambles and shame.

It was safe to say that Grunge pretty much killed himself in 1996 or 1997. He rest in more angst than he had anticipated. As he died and his soul rotted in the ground, little did Grunge know...his very own son would destroy the world of hard rock as we all know it. His son was named “Post-Grunge”. Post Grunge had the same rock rhythms as his father, but took some other interesting flares. He had mainstream ballad hard rock and country in his genes as well. And to make it worse...he was the largest attention whore and we deemed to be the most popular kid in not just in the land “Real Rock”, but in “Music” and especially in “Overproduced-Generic Garbage”...his prime target to aim.

He quickly left Seattle after his father died and moved out towards Oklahoma City around 1998. There he met an underground grunge band that was a bit on the new side. They were ran by Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti. They called themselves Creed. Post-Grunge was really excited about this opportunity. One night he put an evil poison in them called “generica trash” in an attempt to get them to do what he wanted. Creed became a bit more radio friendlier especially with their work of Human Clay...but Post-Grunge was ultimately dissatisfied with their work...along with Weathered.

After giving up on Creed and when they broke up, he then pinpointed new targets. Staind, Seether, and Nickelback. Especially Nickelback. He saw the best chance of making mainstream shit garbage with the Kroger brothers and their at the time humble band. Post Grunge was a bit appalled about how real and how heavy and how grungy Nickelback’s first two album’s Curb and The State were and he was destined to make them the Post Grunge sensation.

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