July 16, 2011

My Summer '11 Vacation: Day 1

In what I've been told as the quickest summer of my life, there is solely one entire week where I get break from the confines of Northern Virginia and I trek out the region, and for that matter, out of the state.

For the lone vacation of Summer 2011, I'm going to the very original Outer Banks of North Carolina. Indeed, I say that wryly, simply because I have gone here every summer of my life, tallying to now my nineteenth time traveling south of the VA-NC border. Frankly, as this trip has sternly reminded me, the OBX gets old, fast.

The duration of this trip has been dealing with the unwanted lashes and flaming that is dealt between the extended family. Generally, amongst the older relatives, there is none of that, as it is an opportunity to slow down and spend time with the ones we love. Understandable, and outright truthful. However, I have the fortune of being one of the younger ones in my family.

Perhaps the greatest struggle with my age is that the nearest relatives of my cousins and siblings is my older sister, who is three years older than me, and my brother, who is a year and a half younger than me. Ironically, the age gap has increasingly shown over the years, and the attitudes are polar. It's rather tough to break humor trying to be nonchalant about the entire situations.

Additionally, I've had the constant struggle of trying to tolerate such nonsense from them that plagued by immaturity and awkwardly phrased jokes. Evidently, the issue surrounding such unsettling conflicts is that this has been ongoing during the past OBX beach trips for as long as I can remember, and within the first day of simply arriving at the beach, I see very little to no indications of that pattern changing its mantra.

So far, I've drawn out all this disgust and disinterest with my close relatives within the first 10 hours of being here, where there is still...probably...about 130 or so hours to go of this hellish trip. Obviously, I need to shed off some pessimism and dismiss today as just a bad day, but sadly, any time I try to make light out of misfortunes, coincidentally, this day has added more grief, well grief's rather strong, but flustering.

Delving further into that topic is rather too personal to publicly state aloud, but it's simply a red flag that caught me off guard and requires me to assertively make drastic changes with relationships amongst people.

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Mike said...

you ungrateful kid! I would kill to go to the beach =P


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