July 11, 2011

Car Jam

Almost this time a week ago, I dropped off the Jetta for a repair to the converter box. The reason for taking it in was not necessarily a problem with the electrical wiring nor the converter box itself, but a Volkswagen imposed recall that was issued back in April. Realizing the urgency to finish it before VCU Parking Passes go on sale, I took it into the Lindsey Volkswagen in Sterling for the repair.

Unfortunately, a light blew while repairing the car. This, apparently, is quite commonplace when fixing the faulty converter box, except one thing. It's too common. So common, that there was a seven to 10 day backorder on the part itself.

The timing could not have been worse. Our family has probably more cars than needed, and now we are on our final hinges coming to cars. These past six days alone, my sister's Volvo has had numerous tail light issues, prompting her to take it to the local Volvo dealers. My mom's Suburban, while having no problems, is in the shop to get the oil changed before our long-awaited journey to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. That's not all!

To put the cherry on top of this car disaster, the Expedition had an issue with the alternator, and you guessed it. In the shop for repairs.

Thankfully, it comes during a time where it's a brief siesta for myself. Following a busy week last week, highlighted by VCU orientation, seeing Static Cinema in Washington, D.C., and late-night Wendy's run's, these next few days were well quaint. Probably not the best word, given the fact I'm using numerous electronics, but with limited options to leave my far away home...you get the idea.

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