July 14, 2011

First Take: 'Up All Night' - blink-182

Well, that enduring eight year wait has finally concluded. For people my age, though they despise admitting it, they were actually waiting about four or five years, because it was then they actually discovered the pop punkers of blink-182. And now, since I've said that, there will be that "special exception" who decries Tyler Talk. Sad times.

But the moral of this blog post is not to pick fights, but to do something people adore in our society: critique. As long as it is not constructive criticism inflicted upon yourself, then you love critiquing things. And today, I'm giving my first impressions of blink's new song "Up All Night".

As expected, the song sounds like a departure of old blink-182 and their cheeky jingles and catchy harmonies chanting their livelihoods of immaturity. The song takes a more solemn approach, as strange as sounds, and frankly has fired up angry YouTubers. The flustering life of an artist. Finding the balance of creating new sound without abandoning your tune.

And really, this song shows no abandoning, just maturing and preaching about how people worry about certain things that preoccupy them. Whether it's a nostalgic attack, wondering what I need to do to get someone to hang out with me, something stressing you, the vague message finds its way to slowly, yet obviously broadly, speak to you. The common connection point is being to preoccupied that you, well are 'up all night'.

LISTEN: "Up All Night" – blink 182

Perhaps the most relishing part of the song, in terms of the beats is the bridge to chorus. While the bridge is heavily reminiscent of older, more poppier blink-182 tunes, the chorus catches one off guard. It's more, modest, if you may. It etches the tone of the song which is confused, mild frustration with oneself, and wondering why the same process of thought repeats itself night upon night.

However, the lyrics can be awkwardly stated and iffy. It has a sense of pessimism, which has been a key component in previous tunes, but it sometimes feels as if the song is lacking flow.

Preliminary Rating: 4.3/10

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