December 30, 2010

Tyler Talk never really died

Contrary to popular belief, it never did. I just stopped putting the posts on Facebook. Amid all the criticism such as:

No one will read it.

People only check Facebook, they will only read it if you tag them.

It's partially true. I mean, my main demographic I was targeted was predominately idiotic teens that were in the false belief that Facebook was the only website in existence. Now, I'm not saying you yourself are one of those unintelligent, Facebook-aholics, but I am saying that Facebook did in fact intoxicate you.

We'll save that for another rant about Facebook one of these days.

To veer back on topic, it was nearly a year ago when Tyler Talk went from Facebook-only, to Facebook and WordPress, to WordPress only. Subsequent events included going to Blogger and now Tumblr. Sadly, Tumblr's no longer hip (in my evident quest to be as indie as possible, soccer for starters).

Anyways. the point of this whole section is simple. There have been nearly hundreds of Tyler Talk blog posts. Actual blog posts. Kind of like to differentiate Facebook notes and blog posts. For starters, one will actually read a Facebook note throughly. One will skim a blog, unless there's a video...then they'll watch it. Unless it's a vlog. Don't count on viewers watching more than 25 seconds. Unless of course, you're Julian Rosen...where you can capture the attention of viewers for 20 minutes. That, my friend, is a skill I'll never be able to accomplish, unless it's with sheer aggression. I'm not exactly the aggressive type when it comes to non-soccer-related topics.

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