December 31, 2010

That list, you know.

1. If it wasn't for Kate Mueller, I would not be typing this...

2. People need to embrace new music better, and not dismiss it claiming that old music is automatically better.

3. We're in a new decade. 

4. I will say I was an idiot the previous year every subsequent year for the rest of my life. 

5. In spite of the fact Americans love soccer, they hate MLS. A lot. 

6. Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy might just be the greatest, most introspective album ever written/composed/released. If not, it's surely an iconic album of the 21st century.

7. The Samsung Glyde. It's not that grand of a phone.

8. Facebook is not garbage, but my friends' status updates are. 

9. The first half of senior is far more strenuous than all of junior year fused together.

10. Graham Rockwood is the only person I know who can truly be himself yet still cater his style humor to a many demographics at our school.

11. The smart people in my generation seem extremely intelligent primarily because the remaining majority are incredibly inane.

12. Sunil Gulati, get the FUCK out of USSF. Sincerely, the United States.

13. There is no such thing as "normal". It's a term used by insecure people to feel accepted. 

14. Formspring is the most hysterical thing ever created.

15. The best people are the ones that are willing to listen to the opposing opinion, accept that person's views and not shove disagreement down their throats, but respect.

16. The American sports system is awful. Unbelievably awful. We need promotion and relegation in the top professional sports leagues.

17. The lower the expectation, the better the performance. 

18. Brandon Wardell is the funniest man I know that has yet to grow facial hair.  

19. Everyone wants to pursue an art-releated occupation.

20. There's only one news organization left that puts more emphasis on its newspaper than website: the Valor Dictus. 

21. Tradition is reluctance to progression.

22. It's sad, and pathetic, that we all rely so much on cars for our daily actions. What's even more poignant than that is that we cannot even find our own way around without the aid of a machine. 

23. High school is "childish and stupid" (Bueller quote). Yet, it's not the circulum, or the course, that's 'stupid'. It's the students who are childish and stupid.

24. You all are homophobic. Grow up.

25. If I get rejected by a college, it's likely a consequence of posting this note/blog.

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