December 13, 2010

2010 MLS Predictions: How I Fared

As we all know, or should know, predicting Major League Soccer's outcome is essentially picking March Madness. You're better off drawing names out of a hat or having someone pick the results that is unknowing of the league's existence.

Looking at my predictions, they actually were not too bad; perhaps they were mediocre. I predicted the Western Conference correctly, for the most part (if you count my predictions for the playoffs).

Eastern Conference? Different story. Completely different story. Don't underestimate Hans Backe's ability to overhaul a club, that's a fact. So without further due, let's get into the results vs. predictions.


Eastern Conference

  1. Columbus (2)
  2. Chicago (4)
  3. D.C. United (8)
  4. New York (1)
  5. Toronto (5)
  6. New England (6)
  7. Kansas City (3)
  8. Philadelphia (7)

Western Conference

  1. Seattle (4)
  2. Real Salt Lake (2)
  3. Los Angeles (1)
  4. Colorado (5)
  5. Dallas (3)
  6. Houston (7)
  7. San Jose (6)
  8. Chivas USA (8)


  1. Seattle (6)
  2. Real Salt Lake (2)
  3. Columbus (5)
  4. Los Angeles (1)
  5. Chicago (10)
  6. Colorado (7)
  7. Dallas (4)
  8. D.C. United (16)
  9. Houston (13)
  10. New York (3)
  11. Toronto (11)
  12. New England (12)
  13. Kansas City (9)
  14. San Jose (8)
  15. Chivas USA (15)
  16. Philadelphia (14)
4/16 correct predictions: 25%. Yes, that's bad.

Terrible predictions:

  • D.C. United making the playoffs: Let alone a semifinal run. Had I thought of the Open Cup, then I would look like a USOC genius. Fact of the matter is, this was a MLS Cup prediction not a U.S. Open Cup prediction. With a strong preseason it seemed surreal to see them fall flat on their face  when the season rolled around the corner. 
  • San Jose and Dallas. Who knew? Turns out San Jose and Dallas managed to sneak into the playoffs after rather convincing seasons. Dallas was without doubt one of the most consistent sides in MLS...
  • Columbus continuing to keep power: This is MLS. They make sure no team dominates play for three consecutive seasons. CCL and USOC killed the Crew.



Seattle def. Colorado
Los Angeles def. Real Salt Lake

Columbus def. Dallas
D.C. United def. Chicago


Seattle def. Los Angeles
Columbus def. D.C. United


Seattle def. Columbus

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