October 06, 2010

House Burns, Fire Department Ignores

It is very unsettling to continue to add to a massive heap of shocking news, but this is probably as low as it can get, for the time being. First saw it on Garrett Knows Stuff's Facebook page, so I looked at the story on Gizmodo

Long story short, there was a house fire in a rural Tennessee town, and in spite of pleas and begging for any type of money, the firefighters would not put out the fire. 

Before we rant about how this is going to cause a slew of protests that will lead to the handing of a pink slip to the mayor and fire chief, this is why they didn't quench the flames.

In Obion County, Tennessee; there's a special fee that residents in rural areas need to pay in order to have fire protection. The price is $75 for a year, or around $6-7 a month. Sounds ridiculous, but it's most likely due to budget shortfalls and countywide expenditures outpacing income. 

That I can understand, but, in just my opinion, would you as a firefighter had the gut-feeling to just take out the fire anyways? Granted, it is their job to do what they say; however, would you believe the right thing to do is sometimes more beneficial than doing what is the told way to convey yourself?

Sources: GKS, Gizmodo, WPSD

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