October 11, 2010

Death of Senior Skip Days

An open secret: The faculty and administration of Fairfax County Public Schools wish seniors would be jubilant students that wish to further nurture their minds, more than is required, and a myriad more than the actual tally of important days needed to attend. 

Conversely, that evidently does not happen...at all. So on the talk of stating the obvious, it aggravates them. Truly it does. But it can go that way for anything. For instance, my love for soccer is not felt by anyone in terms of they themselves liking the sport.

That being said, it is practically expected that they would enforce intensifying, and rather rigid rules about going and not going to school tomorrow. 

A statement from a Robinson based email said something along these lines.

Don't go to school tomorrow. We'll see you at school...on Saturday.

So yes, detention. That's not all is it? Nope. In addition to the consequence, you suffer an unexcused absence and you earn a zero on all assignments, quizzes, and all handed out. With the first quarter grades for senior year on the horizon, it goes without saying how detrimental that could be to the college application process. 

There you have it, an essential triple-whammy slew of consequences. 

I have a strong feeling, along with parental force for about 75% of the seniors, there will be similar actions used...until around the Spring. They'll probably crack. Until then, the faculty will frolick in joy that they have the upper hand for the remainder of the semester, and the seniors will complain (on Facebook) about this situation. 

I say the remainder of the semester, because in the latter part of the school year, the application process will be long over, and students will have set their intentions on colleges and universities for autumn. Before you know it, the school just might conduct a witch hunt. All this to make sure a person sits in a chair, in a class room. Excessive from both sides if you ask me. 

But what do I know? I'm just a stupid senior.

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