March 30, 2010

OBX Spring Break Trip '10 — Day 1

MATEO, NC — Well, I never really got around to starting my blog in regards to the first entire day of being the Outer Banks of North Carolina for Spring Break '10. Trust me guys, don't be jealous. You're not missing anything. Right now, the weather is nothing impressive. It's around 50 degrees and the wind is whipping excessively. I'm about to head off though to bed, but while awake let's pump out a blog.

So, I guess this could be a short mini-series about this trip until Wednesday. In that case, I will be leaving practically tomorrow, I mean it's midnight here, so it is technically true. Though...36 hours from now, I'll be here still, about to leave though. I got awhile then, in that case.

Weather has been crappy, so let's talk about a widely ignored topic on vacations: luggage. Yes there's the lost suitcase stories on airplanes, but this was a five-hour (that actually took seven) car ride from NOVA down to OBX. So luggage was, in fact, not lost. But, as most people forget on trips, there is an essential that people forget. For me last was all my chargers. That blew. But below is my list of the things I forgot:

  • soccer ball
  • wallet
I'm surprised though. That was it. Everything else? I had. Or I didn't want to bring along with me to Manteo for the short week. This has to be a record though of the fewest things that I forgot to bring with me. Granted, forgetting your wallet is fairly important, but lets face the facts. I wont be driving while here, nor spending money or using my debit card. So I'm good.

Below though, is a list of things that I'm surprised that I remembered to bring:
  • chap stick — seeing that I forget to bring this with me downstairs and to school, it somehow ended up in my toiletries bag
  • mouse pad — the most common ignored item when bringing my computer. Turns out the condo had a computer here, so I wouldn't have needed to bring my own. Oh well, I'm using mine anyways.
  • my backpack with homework — I'll admit it, I did remember to bring it literally moments before leaving.
  • socks — going to the beach typically makes me forget to bring socks along with me...but this isn't July, it's March.
  • DVD's — you get the gist by now
I should also include my Vyvanse, but there's too much irony in there to  even begin with. So, anyways, lets talk about the day. We arrived and we had dinner with my Grandma, and subsequently I watched The Hangover. That's practically it. So tomorrow...I'll have day two up.

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