April 30, 2009

A Pie Haircut?

As I was talking to Jackie and Patrick today I noticed something instantly before I could even proceed on to what I had to say. Patrick got a haircut, and I don’t mean a miniature haircut, or a slight trim...I’m talking about a haircut that did some damage. With that, it led into a conversation about haircuts and how Patrick once got his neck cut because his mom “tried” to cut his hair and the good old stories about the Asian ladies that try to cut your hair, and somehow always fail in the end.

But this was not exactly like those. Patrick then told me about this one lady who cut his hair who was nonstop speaking to Patrick about pie........okay......that’s a bit random, and probably something I really didn’t need to know. Then apparently, or according to Patrick, she cut his hair like a pie.

Already I was skeptical about the whole story, so in my instinctive nature, I asked him some questions in response. Simply the questions like: “Um, what’s that exactly?” He answered by saying how she cut it somewhat like a bowl cut. Again, more questions. My next question was: “Wouldn’t that just be a bowl cut or a skater cut?” He then went on to say how it wasn’t because it was only half his hair. Well, I wasn’t going to argue but it was a bit, strange, I think everyone else listening in would agree.

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