May 01, 2009

GMR – Staring Zach, Carl (and Ben)

Prior to school starting, during the 25 minute passing time before first block, I was talking to Ben Johnson and Zach Sheldon. During the conversation, it segwayed into the talk about Good Morning Robinson, or my school’s morning announcements that come up on TV from 7:20-7:35 AM. They told me I should pay very, very close attention to it today. I didn’t need to ask, I knew initially that they were going to be in it somehow.

My prediction turned out to be right, for the most part. The anchors were Eric Fisher, Zach Sheldon and our good old pal, Carl Schwartz, whom later I would ironically see after school, but that’s a later story. They were being broadcast anchors in promotion of the RHS Drama’s latest production of the Fiddler on the Roof which premiered on Thursday, April 30. It still seems a bit odd to premier on a Thursday night, but I guess it’s money, money, money.

Ben was the camera man and really didn’t do anything...or so I thought. When the show was over and the senior happy days slideshow was done it was time for the credits. I’m glad Mrs. Carfagno let our class watch the credits, because it was actually pretty funny. Carl and Zach got into this fight about being original when you’re done and then Ben tried to stop them and Ben was getting “hurt” more than the others. It was the first thing I said to them the next time I would see those three that day.

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