October 06, 2011

Trolling Brandt, one piece of paper at a time

I suppose at VCU, it is a necessity for everyone to have that half-a-dozen clan of indie/hipster friends that you can show of your ability to be sarcastic with, and make a fool of yourself citing stereotypes of the label for the label-less. With that, there is going to be that one dude, who is just an artsy person, but doesn't exhibit hipster rhetorics. For now, we're going to just go with the name "Dan" to describe him. One: because that's his name. Two: because it's only his first name.

From what Dan has told me, there is a Tumblr blog that circulates photos taken in or around the RVA (Richmond area). These photos, are taken with a cheap disposable camera. I believe the bloggers leave this camera in Monroe Park with a note, and I suppose someone goes and takes pictures? Not sure. But when I get the link I'll know.

Recently though, as the two went to go get their disposal camera, a note, along with the ever infamous trollface.jpg was there instead saying the camera is their's now. About two weeks beforehand, Dan had jocundly taped some trollface.jpg's to the elevators at Johnson Hall, since the building is old and the elevators frequently break. In other words, he just wanted to ask if people were "mad" that the elevators were broken, but in a sly, slick method. The maneuver, consequently, has put him as the culprit for an action he did not do. Coincidentally, the bloggers' headquarters are two floors beneath me on the 12th floor of Brandt Hall.

After lunch today, me, Dan and our pal Thomas decide to see the notice ourselves. And, yes, it was there, directed at Dan:

To sum it up, the letter just says that they would like him to return the camera. Scribbled in pen on top of the letter, the unidentified person wrote that "he doesn't live here." And we posted this return passage, confirming that he doesn't live her, nor was he the culprit.

Update 12:28 p.m., Friday: The Tumblr blog is called Fucking Weird Shit That Happens at VCU. The blog can be found at http://fuckingweirdvcu.tumblr.com/

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