October 10, 2011

Gorilla man, banana man and cameraman

It's about fucking time some random...shenanigans occurred in my dorm. To be fair, in a suite style building that's 17 stories tall, that's no easy task, yet this fearless trio did just that.

It was technically today, since it was a hair past midnight, but my roommate's friends came by to see if my roommate was there. He was not, and before they could head out, we heard this loud crash in my suite's common room. Naturally, I slowly get up off my computer, and lunge to the door. Instantly, I see a guy fall down screaming, wearing a banana suit. Attacking the poor banana dude is a another guy in a gorilla suit, and he is just outright relentlessly mauling the guy in a banana suit.

When I go into the commons room to get a better look at the commons room, I look at see a third guy, who is creating a series of photos of the whole scene. When I walk up to the three, the guy in the gorilla suit gets off the guy in the banana suit, and the victim dressed as a banana pleads for me to help him up. To be a fair sport, and help them out with their fun, I give the banana man an hand and help him up. And this whole time, the cameraman is snapping photos of us.

And as soon as I help the banana guy up, he bolts out of the suit and across the floor. Following him are the gorilla and camera man. And there, I notice my floor is flooded with students trying to get a glance at the commotion. My "what the fuck"-esque face gave some of them laughs, and a bit jarred by the whole incident, I got on Facebook and posted about it, to get a cheap status that would earn some likes. And well, it's Facebook-worthy.

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