September 09, 2011

Guy tubes down Rt. 29 in Fairfax, VA during floods

An example of the flooding in Northern Virginia. Photo via Fairfax County Government's Flickr. Yes, they do have one.

While I was busy studying my ass off at Virginia Commonwealth University, the sky opened for hours, upon hours, in Northern Virginia. While there was flash flooding and just outright flooding in general, a natural disaster became natural joy. At least for this unidentified man rafting down the eastbound lanes of Fairfax Boulevard near a Sunoco gas station.

VIDEO: Man tubing down Rt 29, In Fairfax VA

Initially, I couldn't help but be like everyone else an laugh at the sight. And, just like many of you, I had to click on the play button a second time, and hell, a third time. Took awhile before I picked up on someone yelling for him to get out of the road. Looks like some YouTubers already filled in the blanks to whatever the tuber comes back with, in response. But looking down the road where the tuber inevitably runs out of water, looks as if there are some vehicles blocking off the flooded area. Now I wonder what happened to him, and if he got in any sort of trouble for, well, I'm not sure what charges it would be to tube down a flooded street.

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