September 26, 2011

An average day at VCU thus far

Evidently, it all begins with the lifestyle of living in a city, since Virginia Commonwealth University is an urban campus right in core (Mr. Foster would pretend to be proud/impressed) of Richmond. Growing up in the sleepy, semi-fringe zone of Clifton, moving in a dorm that overlooks downtown Richmond is an outrageously contrasting difference. Seriously. The reality of seeing more buildings than trees on a daily basis is something foreign to me. Actually, when I think of it. If I look in the horizon I see more trees, but that's for a different day of sharing tree tak. That's not exactly something that stirs of interest, and in this context environmentalists would snore to this paragraph.

To focus more, let's talk about the negatives first, since that's what everyone these days has a talent for, complaining. And to sound more friendly, I will say, venting since that's apparently healthy: elevators. Going up and down the elevators are a trip of their own. Especially in a 17-story building, where stopping six or seven times on the way up or down the elevator or nothing out of the ordinary. It now causes me to leave for class slightly earlier thanks to the elevator trip that sometimes takes three to four minutes. That's not necessarily long, but for an elevator ride, that's rather lengthly.

But the advantage is, since it's an urban campus, everything is condensed into a few city blocks making the longest walk to a class take about five or six minutes, if you exclude the journey on the elevator. More time is probably spent just waiting for an elevator or the crosswalk signal to turn into the white walking figure than walking to class itself.

Next, I guess I'll delve into food. The food in the dining hall is nothing worth bragging about, other than probably the pizza. The rest? Not necessarily bad, but bearably edible. That's all I have to put forth about that topic.

At this point, I am at a loss of what else to really say, that sums up the major talking points about VCU for now.

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