August 16, 2011

Religion can piss me off


 Like no other. Perhaps when your mind wonders so much in a mini golf shack, you eventually wind up getting into these deep internal conversations. Conversations that involve such simplistic questions to ask, yet so complicated to answer. Questions that circle around the topic of existence, which has led to me second guessing myself. Which, well, is something we all do quite often. Some of which in justified manner, and others due to being too hesitant to move forward in our decision-making.

That's off the central focus of religion and how it aggravates me, but lately, I've come to the conclusion that religion can be absolutely nothing more than sheer ignorance. Ignorance to what can be a broader spectrum of why things exist in the matter that they do. Exclusiveness that just slaps humanity in the face. Closed-minded thought that shows our ability to buy into what we are told, and to disregard any other ideologies, which causes haughtiness that’s simply...gross.


The problem about religion is that it’s such a taboo, and it causes a chain of angry, aggressive beliefs. And all of this is focused on faith. Truly, it’s fine to have faith, and have your beliefs. Religion can teach critical lessons in living life and having good spirit and positive attitude, and allow people to have their moments of talking to someone when the world loses interest in their life.

Yet...despite that, it causes people to feel elite in themselves and close the door to other religions and act as if their belief is the only true belief to exist. Often it’s as if religious folks give themselves the right to point at certain groups and label them them as hopeless lost souls that need their dirty brains washed. Hey, see what I did there?!

Honestly, I feel like organized religion hinders people to get out their and enjoy life. I understand that some of the believing is just and actions can bring consequences, but sometimes I feel one should go out and enjoy what life and the World has to offer before it's too late. And frankly, as we've been coldly reminded, any day may be the final day, and time is limited to enjoy what life has to offer. Not to poke our toes into the

To cap off this incredibly lengthly rant, organized religion, I believe, is the culprit of absolute close-mindedness. It can shrink people’s brains in believing that others are unworthy of acceptance, because some book says they are unworthy and subpar to what the true, normal human should be.

And the fuck is that bullshit? Who has any right to say how one should be. In my opinion, that's the ultimate sin: telling someone to not be who they are and to fabricate themselves to be an acceptable person. That's what caused me to lose interest in religion, probably about five or six years ago. It subsequently started a gradual transition about two years ago from being Methodist to Deist to a present state of being partially Agnostic and partially Deist.

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